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Playtime Doll's - Chick! + VR Chat Avatar

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Welcome to the Playtime Division!

Get ready to have never ending fun with your new Playtime Dolls! Be one of the firsts to test out these fun and exciting dolls with incredible AI! The fun never stops at PlayFaz Co.!

PlayFaz Co. is not responsible for amount of time lost when satisfying the Playtime Doll's needs.
You made the deal.

In this Premium Playtime Package you'll get:

  • Blender 3.0 File Format.
  • VR Chat Avatar.
  • NEW!!! Swimsuit Outfit for Blend!
  • Milf Chicken!! (NSFW with HorsePeen variant, made by No2)
  • Futa Variant.
  • Shapekeys for Lip Syncing!
  • Expression Shapekeys that can be mixed and matched!
  • Simple IK Rig.


  • Do not repost/resell these models in any way, Packages can be purchased officially here!
  • Credit me when using these Playtimes, Don't claim these as your own.
  • Not mandatory, but if you post any renders of these on twitter please do ahead and @ me!

    FNaF is owned by Scott Cawthon

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Playtime Doll's - Chick! + VR Chat Avatar

8 ratings
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